Whurds of advice.

Whurds is dedicated to helping young Canadians navigate the stress of adulthood.

Whurds is an extension of my personal journey. After graduating from law school, I found myself thrust into the working world with little time and few resources to ease the transition.I faced challenges and I continue to face challenges.

My hope with Whurds is to share my journey—the highs and the lows—in the hopes of making your journey easier. The content that I write about on this blog is based on my own life experiences. I share what I have seen, experienced, and believe.

Join me, on Whurds, and let us figure out together how to make sense of a confusing world.

About the author.

Call me Mr. Whurds.

Although I may use a pseudonym on my blog, I am very much a real person.

I am formally trained as a lawyer, though I view myself as so much more.

I know how challenging it can be to build a stable and happy life as a young Canadian. I have experienced the high costs of living in Canada’s largest cities, I’ve been rejected from far too many jobs, and I’ve had the pleasure of paying outrageous rent.

The content that I share on Whurds is based on questions I’ve asked, answers I’ve found, and experiences I’ve lived.

Origin of "Whurds".

I named my blog “Whurds” as a play on “Words”. My hope, with Whurds, is to dispense words of advice.

If, at any point, you think some of the advice or content posted on Whurds is inaccurate, misleading, mistaken or wrong, then I kindly ask that you let me know.

You can message me though the Whurds contact form. I appreciate hearing from all visitors to Whurds.

Please note that nothing on Whurds.com should be construed as legal advice, nor is anything on Whurds.com intended to establish a solicitor-client relationship with any persons whatsoever.