Your Guide to the Law Firm Recruit

Learn how to at the law firm recruit

Finding that perfect job to put your law degree to use can be difficult. Below are some of the top resources on to help you succeed in the law firm recruitment process. These resources are tailored to the Canadian process and focus on drafting cover letters and resumes, prepping for on-campus interviews (“OCIs”), and landing in-firm invitations.

Although most of the resources highlighted below are tailored to the Toronto recruit, they can be used with minimal modification in the recruits in other cities, such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, London, and Halifax.

Downloadable Law Firm Resume Template

Land your dream job with a custom resume template, designed specifically for Bay Street but applicable to all law firm recruits.

How to Prepare Your Job Application

To apply to a law firm, you’re going to need a resume and cover letter. The following posts will help you write the best cover letters and resumes.